1.  Register FREE USI account here  Once you've registered, USI will send a VERIFICATION email, please click to activate your account and setup your password.  Log back into your USI backoffice

2.  In Profile page, fill in your address, leave Broker Account BLANK.  Under Withdraw Method, select Payza (you can change anytime). For Account Verification, leave it alone.  


3. Training Site.   Go to www.USIMVP.info to GET STARTED and follow the 4-Steps.


Why USI?

  • 10-year-old company registered in Dubai.  
  • Real products and Software 
  • Owners are very transparent and accessible.
  • ONLY $65 to get started. 
  • Passive Income: NO recruiting & NO experience needed.
  • Average 1% Daily payout 5 days per week. 
  • Paid Twice Daily.  Withdraw directly to BITCOIN wallet.
  • Option to Auto Re-buy to COMPOUND earnings.
  • Profits earned from Forex and Cryptocurrency trading and mining. ( REAL PROOF )
  • 10% commission for everyone you sponsor.  12-level UNI-LEVEL.  (POWERFUL) 
  • You can buy using your CREDIT CARD.
  • Excellent team support: Facebook and Skype.
  • We're working directly with the Founder & Master Distributor, Mike Kiefer.  

Each BTC packages pays out about 1% daily 5 days a week.  With NO RECRUITING 1 bitcoin can compound to 5 bitcoins in your first year.  For Builders, the sky is the limit with our POWERFUL, lucrative Pay Plan.  Please watch the video below to get a complete understanding on how we GET PAID.  

Tuesday Opportunity Call 9pm EST (6PST)
(641) 715-3640  PIN: 153067

Wednesday WEBINAR 9pm EST (6PST)

The LIVE opportunity calls and webinars are a great way to get a detailed explanation about USI. I encourage you to hop on our next meeting.

When you join our MVP TEAM, Most Valuable People, you are a part of the FASTEST growing team.  Our MVP members will get access to our dynamic Marketing System that will SUPERCHARGE your success.

If you have any questions on HOW TO JOIN, please do not hesitate and give me a call.  I'm here to help you each step of the way.  I'm looking forward to locking arms with you in USI and making a very prosperous journey to YOUR financial freedom!

Les Dunn

(403) 581-7001
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